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the letters added to the end of a root that change the part of speech of the word.
Suffixes can form verbs:
-en, e.g. strengthen
-efy, e.g. liquefy
-d, e.g. respond
-ate, e.g. liquidate
-ise, e.g. idolise                                                              

Suffixes can form nouns:
-ment, e.g. amendment
-ion, e.g. situation
-age, e.g. bondage
-ness, e.g. happiness
-ity, e.g. reality

Suffixes can form adjectives:
-ful, e.g. beautiful
-some, e.g. wholesome
-ive, e.g. responsive
-en, e.g. woollen
-able, e.g. digestible

Suffixes can form adverbs:
-ly, e.g. beautifully