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Top 10 things to remember for your Accounting exam

by mickey.geldenhuys

Here are some helpful hints and tips to help you when writing your Accounting exam paper.

  1. Stay calm. Easier said than done but Accounting requires you to approach each question in a clam, logical way.
  2. Have extra pens and pencils with you, and don’t forget your eraser, ruler and non-programmable calculator as you not allowed to borrow stationery from fellow learners.
  3. Read the question paper and familiarise yourself with the questions in the 10 minutes allocated prior to the 3 hours.
  4. Start with the question that you know best as you could be sure of getting these marks. Remember, your answers should be numbered according to the number system in the exam paper so leave blank space for the questions you will return to.
  5. Write neatly. We know you have been told this over and over but all questions must be answered in the Answer Book provided and you only get one. Therefore you must write neatly as you will not be able to rewrite your answers. Plus examiners won’t spend time trying to figure out what you’ve written.
  6. Show your calculations in brackets if required by the question as these can give you part marks for the answer, even if your final answer could be wrong.
  7. Do NOT overwrite figures to correct them. It might seem obvious to you but the examiner might struggle to recognise the numbers. Rather draw a line through the wrong amount, and write the correct amount next to it.  
  8. Do NOT use tippex or correction fluid! Answers where tippex has been used will not be marked.
  9. Remember, interpretation questions do not require you to write long paragraphs. You can give short sentences and or bullets to answer these types of questions.
  10. Do NOT leave out questions, even it looks difficult. Make an attempt to provide some answers because at least you can get a few extra marks if you tried, rather than nothing if you didn’t. 

Good luck with your exam!

Grade 10 , Grade 11 , Grade 12